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Blog hop

Hello again,

I may be getting the hang of this blogging malarkey …then again you may have to bare with me! My lovely Friend Deb Jackson has included me in this fantastic project to link up artists, Debs work is beautiful and you can see some of it here, next Monday the lovely Maddie Millett will be answering these four questions and passing the baton forward!

Why do I do what I do?

Last year I was made redundant, it gave me time to reflect on what was really important, with all the stress of
working for a failing company behind me I began to sketch, from there a serendipitous meeting with a fantastic paper artist Jessica Palmer (do look her up!) inspired me to cut some of my sketches, people liked them enough to ask me if they could buy them, which in turn allowed me to make more. I do feel incredibly fortunate and always grateful for every commission!


Why does my work differ from others in its genre?

I quickly became aware of how many people use paper to form their work, either sculpting or cutting, the nature of cutting paper (using form and shape but ensuring it is all joining in one piece) sees similar designs cropping up all the time, some subject matters seem to work very well in this format, I was very aware of not copying other cutters and finding a point of difference I’ve tried two main ways to do this, the first is creating a copy of my cut in colour underneath


The second is my particular favourite though using only white paper layered in stages.


How does my creative process work?

Because I can now work around my children my work is very stop/start, I generally come alive in the evening and much of my sketching is done then at home whilst relaxing, the neatening of the design and the cutting is done during the day at my studio, I tend to favour pure white linen embossed paper (my other half doesn’t get how many different papers there are!) the gsm affects the overall cut I prefer 100 or 120gsm and can get through several packs of Swann Morton blades in one papercut! Depending on how intricate the design I either use a self healing or glass mat.


What am I working on now?

I have a forest of family trees to frame ready for gifts, also in the midst of wedding season I have some lovely unique designs on the cutting mat, for both wedding gifts and first anniversary gifts (luckily for me traditionally first anniversaries are celebrated with paper gifts). I am creating lots of little butterfly cuts too.

Well that was an unusually long blog from me but I’m very grateful to Deb for inviting me to take part … Maddie it’s over to you 😉



On Tuesday I will be putting some of my work into a local gallery, I’m stupidly excited about this bit also a little overwhelmed at the same time! I’m also changing my mind constantly about what I will feature… This one will be there for sure though!

20140720-125002-46202393.jpg and I’m also working on some more butterflies, this may be influenced by the ones flying around my stomach! Xxx

First blog -what have I started now?


I always have loads to say … Write a blog they said… (they being people fed up of listening to my infernal witterings) and now I have can I think of owt to say? …, can I nelly! But I’m sure I can muster something up, this is after all to help me spread  the word of my little business … A hobby gone wild, (in an extremely good way!) It’s coming up to a year since I picked up a scalpel for the first time and what a lark it has been.